Livestreaming WordCamp Seattle

Will you be out of town on June 28th? Or do you live too far away to attend in person? Or maybe you’re afraid that being in a room with 700 other WordPress nerds will be so much awesome that you’ll pee you pants?!?!

Well, have no fear! We’ll be livestreaming WordCamp Seattle again this year, so you can enjoy all of the WordPressy goodness from the comfort of your own home. And best of all, it’s free!

If you are able to make it in person, though, we’ve got lots of extra goodies in store for you:

  • Workshops! We’ve got a whole room this year dedicated to helping you get yours hands dirty in all sorts of topics, led by an experienced guide who can give you personalized assistance.
  • Networking! Any seasoned WordCamp attendee can tell you that the sessions are only half of the experience. Building relationships with other attendees and volunteers is one of the main benefits of a WordCamp.
  • Food! I think this one is pretty self-explanatory 😉
  • The after party! Enjoy some social time with your peers and colleagues.
  • Contributor Day! Get involved with the teams that are building WordPress and its community every day. And not just by writing code, either; you can contribute by writing documentation, translating WordPress into other languages, helping users to solve problems they’ve having, and a variety of other ways.
  • Swag! Bring home a little piece of WordCamp Seattle 2014.



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        1. Ian Dunn Post author

          We’re not recording the workshop track, since it’s more of a hands-on thing, but all of the standard sessions will be streamed.

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