Make Sure You’re Ready for the Live Stream

Any time a WordCamp live-streams their event, there are always a few people who have trouble accessing it due to technical problems. These almost always end up being caused by the person’s computer rather than the live stream itself, so it’s a good idea test out your computer ahead of time, which you can do by visiting our testing page.

3 thoughts on “Make Sure You’re Ready for the Live Stream

  1. edith

    Do you know if you can view out of the country? I just tried viewing the embedded video and got an error. I’m in India.

    1. Ian Dunn Post author

      Hi Edith, I don’t think there are any restrictions based on location. What was the exact error message that you got?

      1. edith

        You know, I just tried again and it works! My internet connectivity is pretty sporadic, so that’s what it probably is. Thanks!

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