Themer Lightning Talks

Advanced Custom Fields – Beyond the Basics, Merrill Mayer
This talk will cover use of ACF in non-blog oriented websites. It will focus on using ACF in a custom post type. It will demonstrate custom queries along with custom prev/next posts. The talk will also show how to display ACF fields in the dashboard for the custom post type overview. Examples will be taken from a live, working website.

A responsive web design workflow: more than just ‘mobile first’, Taylor Dewey
Designing a website for the modern age is a much more complicated endeavor than the term ‘mobile first’ lets on. I’m going to reject the notion of ‘mobile first’ and proffer the replacement buzzword, ‘humans first’, along with a series of specific steps to achieve that goal.

WordPress Accessibility – building WordPress websites that EVERYONE can use, Jordan Quintal
The focus of this quick presentation will be on website and WordPress accessibility. I will briefly explain what web accessibility is and what it involves. I will also demonstrate a popular web accessibility evaluation tool that any develop can use to test their website’s accessibility.

Images for WordPress Done Right, Nancy Thanki
Whether you’re setting up a portfolio page, a site for realtors, or for a professional blogger, images are important. But how do you use images that look great and don’t slow down visitors to your site? What are some important considerations you need to have in mind? This talk will cover things like how WordPress handles images and what you need to know about that (thumbnails, regeneration); how to compress your images; how and when to use progressive jpegs, for instance, or pngs; and what you can do to help images on your site load faster (Photon, CDNs, static asset caching, parallel downloading, etc).