Tickets Are Now On Sale!

Need I say more? Make sure and grab your ticket before we sell out!

2 thoughts on “Tickets Are Now On Sale!

  1. rick

    FYI, at least when I paid with Paypal it redirected me back here. The transaction went through (at least the payment did 🙂 ) but it’s disconcerting to not land on a confirmation page.

    1. Ian Dunn

      Hey Rick, I checked and your ticket was registered successfully 🙂

      When you say it redirected you back “here”, do you mean to this post (i.e.,, or back to the Tickets page (i.e., ?

      It should have redirected you back to the tickets page, and the contents of the page would have been changed from the ticket form to just display the name of the ticket you bought, the date of the purchase, and a link to edit your attendee information.

      I tested just to make sure, and that’s what’s happening in my case, but let me know if you saw something different.

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