Wanted: Your WordPress Pro Tip


We want your best tip for WordPress. Share your insight and knowledge. Tell us what we should know as a WordPress user.

If yours is chosen, well, we are going to do something special with it, and give you credit. But that’s all I’m going to tell you right now.

It’s simple. The only rule is it must be 108 or less characters, including spaces and your twitter handle. That’s it.

Next, you can give us your tip one of two ways.

1. Leave it as a comment below. Include your twitter handle as well.

2. Tweet your tip using the hashtag #wcseaprotip. Here is an example:

We will be collecting these till midnight Friday, June 13th. So WordPress peeps, give us your best! We

3 thoughts on “Wanted: Your WordPress Pro Tip

  1. Nick

    When moving your site from a local environment to a live environment, don’t forget to change your url pathways in the database. All those nice photos you uploaded will all be pointing back at your http://www.localhost….. unless you change it with a couple of lines of sql.

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